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This Is Me

What you see is what you get!

10 December
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Welcome to the crazy world that is the goings on inside my head!! Entertainment....I think so!

So it started with me, my mum and my dad, then there was the small matter of a brother who is now 5 inches taller than me and just HUGE!! There was school, then more school, my parents seperation which was and still is not so much fun!, a major falling out with the best friend a girl can have (don't worry, it's so much better now!), which led to the beginning of a very special group of friends who have been through a hell of a lot together, from exam celebration, to coupling up, to grief, some awesome nights out and some awesome fights....we've been there and back again! School turned into college, along with some gutt renching, life changing family stuff to cope with too. The magic 18th's were celebrated, in true style may I add!! ( I think we all know what I'm talking about!!?!) and a certain girls party led to something rather damn special. A-levels turned into gap years which included mega partying, a new boyfriend, some very cool new friends, and something awful which brought us so much closer together. And lets not forget that FANTASTIC holiday in malia!! Then there was the small matter of uni, moving away from all that was familiar and going to a scary new part of my life.....where I have met some amazing people and now have another close group of friends, I'm having the time of my life...and who knows whats to come.....